A Question of Origins
A Question of Origins takes an inspiring journey through science and Scripture in search of mankind's genesis.

A Vow to Cherish
A Vow to Cherish is a deeply moving love story of a husband and wife who are faced with devastating medical diagnosis. As his wife, Ellen, slips away into the grips of Alzheimer's, John Brighton finds himself challenged beyond anything he could have imagined when he vowed his lifelong commitment and love to her so many years before. A Vow to Cherish portrays the importance of living by godly principles in a world searching for answers.

Berean Call, The
http://www.thebereancall.org/languages?language=89 https://thebereancall.com/products/question-of-origins-a-dvd
Here on this site, you can find articles, booklets, eBooks, DVDs, videos, and newsletters in Portuguese language. If you're in the Home page, just go to the Languages link and look for Portuguese.
Please enter Portuguese in the search engine.

Candle In The Dark
He sailed in 1793 to India with a reluctant wife and four children to bring the message of Jesus. There he encountered so much hardship it is amazing he didn't abandon his mission and go home. But he stayed for over 40 years. One issue that tormented him was sati-the burning alive of widows when their husbands died. He would not rest until this practice was stopped. Facing insurmountable odds, he "plodded" on to influence the abolition of sati and to become the revered "Friend of India" and "Father of Modern Missions."

Christian Cinema
ChristianCinema.com offers many Christian videos in different languages including Portuguese. Please put Portuguese in the search engine.

This website has Portuguese DVDs on creation. Some are available only in Brazil.

Comev probably has the most Christian dvd titles in Portuguese in all of Brazil.
They sell some titles not listed on this website. Comev probably has the largest selection of Portuguese Christian dvds in the world.

https://www.visionvideo.com/dvd/38833D/courageous https://www.visionvideo.com/blu-ray/39275H/courageous
Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, they are confident and focused, standing up to the worst the streets can offer. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge they're ill prepared to tackle: fatherhood. When tragedy strikes home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering.

Cru Store
New Life Resources is a ministry of Cru (former Campus Crusade for Christ). They publish and distribute ministry resources to serve and empower churches, staff members, and individual believers who have a heart for ministry. They also offer selected materials from other popular and relevant Christian leaders that are used by Cru staff in their work. Visit their online store for resources in the Portuguese language. Please put Portuguese in the search engine.

Ethnic Harvest

Evolution's Achilles' Heels
Evolution's Achilles' Heels directly demolishes the very pillars of the belief system that underpins our now-secular culture which is evolutionary naturalism. It is coupled with the Biblical command to reach the lost with the Bible's Good News. In a nutshell, it's a comprehensive outreach tool like no other. This video is available in Portuguese.

Facing the Giants
http://etsusa.org/Facing-the-Giants-DVD-p1776.html http://etsusa.org/
A losing coach with an underdog football team faces their giants of fear and failure on and off the field to surprising results.

http://etsusa.org/Fireproof-DVD-p1807.html http://etsusa.org/
From the creators of Facing the Giants, this action-packed drama, starring Kirk Cameron, is the story of a firefighter whose marriage is about to go up in smoke.

Flight: The Genius of Birds
This video explores a different realm of the animal kingdom and the remarkable biological systems that make life on Earth possible. This video is available in Portuguese.

Jay Austin wants to sell used cars. He preys his victims by smiling and making hasty promises. He does everything his way until his dishonesty and manipulation are repeatedly exposed. Like many men, he becomes disgusted by the masks he wears and lies he tells. While having a classic convertible repaired, Austin begins a humorous and powerful journey to win back the hearts of his wife, his son, and his community. There can be a turning point in every man's life. When Jay Austin takes it, he never looks back. Flywheel is an inspiring family movie surprising audiences with laughter and tears, and loved by young and old. This film is available in Portuguese.

God Provides
See timeless biblical stories come to life in this video. Dramatic stories like Abraham and Isaac, The Rich Man and Lazarus, and more jump off the pages of the Bible in this collection of six theater-quality, epic short films. Experience the reassurance of God's provision and His eternal perspective on money and possessions in a fresh way.

God's Story
http://christiananswers.net/portuguese/godstory/ http://christiananswers.net
God's Story: From Creation to Eternity, is an 80-minute video which presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The video is available in 300 languages including Portuguese.

Gospel Goods Brazil
Gospel Goods is an online bookstore that sells Bibles, New Testaments, books, movies, DVDs, tracts, Cds, and more in Portuguese.

Harvest Productions
Shop for videos or films in Portuguese at Harvest Productions' website.

Intercomm films in Portuguese
Portuguese Christian films are available at InterComm. Please click on the Foreign Languages link on the home page.

The Jesus DVD is the most biblically and historically-accurate film ever made on the life of Christ. Backed by five years of painstaking research, it was filmed entirely in the Holy Land. First-century clothing, architecture, customs, and food were carefully studied to insure the film's authenticity. The only words that Jesus speaks are His words as recorded in the Gospel of Luke. This film is available in Portuguese.

The Jesus Film Project
This is the official website of The Jesus Film project. The Jesus film is a two-hour film about the life of Jesus. The film has been translated into many languages including Portuguese. For more information on the Jesus film, please visit their website. You can also find the Story of Jesus for Children and the Magdalena film.

John Hus
Here is an important chapter in the steps leading up to the Reformation. The history books make little mention of this Bohemian priest and scholar who lived 100 years before Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.
Yet, John Hus was convinced and taught openly that the Bible should be presented in the language of the people, that salvation comes by faith in Jesus Christ, and the Word of God is the final authority. He taught in the University of Prague and as a pastor, challenged the abuses of medieval Christendom.

John Wycliffe: The Morning Star
John Wycliffe" is a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time.
Wycliffe found himself in the middle of religious, political and social conflicts. An Oxford scholar, one of Europe's most renowned philosophers, he was a defender of English nationalism against the power of the pope and a champion of the poor against the injustices of the rich. John Wycliffe taught that God's forgiveness cannot be bought with indulgences. He preached that the only true authority is the Word of God, and the Word could only be understood by all if the people could read it in their native tongue. "John Wycliffe" captures the trials and heroic struggles of this significant man of faith - the "Morning Star" of the Reformation.

She was young, vital, just 17 when it happened. A diving accident snapped her neck and left her paralyzed. The months that followed were filled with great physical, emotional and spiritual struggles for Joni Eareckson. Joni portrays herself in this recreation of her joys and sorrows, her fears and victories, and above all, her faith in the wisdom of a loving Heavenly Father.

Livraria El-Shaddai - El Shaddai Bookstore

Martin Luther DVD Collection - Set of Six
Set includes Martin Luther, Here I Stand, Martin! God Loves You, Luther: His Life, His Path, His Legacy, Where Luther Walked, and Opening the Door to Luther.

Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies
This is a documentary film filled with joys of discovery and wonder. It explores the remarkable world of butterflies. This video is available in Portuguese.

Multi Language Media
Search Multi-Language Media's online catalog for Portuguese Christian books. They also have basic Bible study lessons for young Christians who want to learn about the Bible and Christianity, apologetic books, and more.

Reformation Overview Full Length Dramas Plus Zwingli Documentary
This collection includes the five full-length dramas of John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, God's Outlaw, John Hus, The Radicals and the 30 minute documentary of Zwingli.

Russ Doughten Films
Russ Doughten Films produces award-winning evangelistic movies. They now have 24 films in distribution, most are available in DVD. All are created to reach their viewers with a better understanding of the life and purpose of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to repent of their sins, receive His forgiveness and His gift of Eternal Life. See their catalog for movies in Portuguese or with Portiguese subtitles.

Something to Sing About
Something to Sing About is an uplifting, music-fueled drama about love's transforming power. The story is about a streetwise kid with the voice of an angel and a police record meeting a big-hearted old saint. Their loving friendship paves the way toward redemption and some growing pains. This DVD is available in Portuguese language.

Son of God
From producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey comes Son of God-the most important chapter of the Greatest Story Ever Told for a whole new generation of families to enjoy. Acclaimed Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado delivers a spectacular portrayal of Jesus as this powerful and inspirational feature film depicts the life of Christ, from His humble birth through His teachings, crucifixion, and ultimate resurrection. This film is available in Portuguese.

Son of God - Set of Eight
Set includes: Son of God, Bible: The Epic Miniseries, Gospels, Jesus the New Way, Path of Jesus, Jesus: The Desire of Ages, Jesus: He Lived Among Us, and Journeying With Jesus.

The Cross and The Switchblade
http://etsusa.org/The-Cross-and-The-Switchblade-European-Language-Version-DVD-p1791.html http://etsusa.org/
The change in the life of notorious gang leader Nicky Cruz, as shown in the film, proved to be wonderfully lasting and real.

The Harvest
A powerful parable utilizing a real life story of a community coming together to help a widow and her children harvest their family's wheat fields, much like the spiritual harvest we face as Christians.

The Hope
Mars Hill

The Hope is a perfect ministry tool for sharing the Gospel with a friend, relative, or business associate. This video is available in Portuguese.

The Life of Jesus Christ
This film is a special edition of the Jesus film in Middle Eastern languages. It is available in Portuguese.

The Radicals
The year is 1525. Michael and Margaretha Sattler have fled their religious orders. Their quest: restore the church to the purity of its early days when communities of believers practiced peace, compassion and sacrificial love.

The Story of Jesus
This DVD is a special edition of the film Jesus. It is available in Portuguese.

Story of Jesus through the Eyes of Children
http://bibleinmylanguage.com/the-story-of-jesus-through-the-eyes-of-children-multi-language-dvd-with-24-audio-tracks-subtitled-in-english/ http://bibleinmylanguage.com
This is the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during the time Jesus lived on earth. They struggle to make sense of it all. They watch Jesus from the crowds. They follow Him to see what this incredible man, who loves children, will do next. They see Him betrayed, wrongly accused, crucified, and buried. But, they remember the promise of Jesus and believe they will see Him again. Children of all ages will enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child's perspective.

Vision Video
If you are looking for Portuguese Christian videos, movies, or documentaries, you can visit Vision Video. They also have Portuguese videos for children. Visit their website for their catalog.

World Christian Video/DVD Directory
http://www.worldchristianvideos.org/advsearch.php?DTTM=1467102849 http://www.worldchristianvideos.org
The World Christian Video/DVD Directory contains a list of all videos or DVDs in around 1000 languages including Portuguese. Thousands of titles of Christian DVDs from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them. To look for Portuguese videos, click on Language on the home page and then click P.

Wrestling with God
Wrestling with God is an award-winning, dramatic exploration of the profound personal challenges and public pressures that helped shape one of the most celebrated public figures in 19th Century American religious and political circles, Alexander Campbell.


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