Bom dia! Leitruas diarias com Max Lucado (Good Morning! Daily Readings with Max Lucado)
By Max Lucado
Max Lucado invites you to use this book to enrich your daily prayer practice from the early morning hours. Begin your day with a sincere and transparent dialogue with the God of love revealed in Jesus Christ.

Conectados com Deus (Connected with God)
By Max Lucado
Bullying, drugs, self-esteem, purity, faith, joy, communion, family… These are some of the themes present in this daily devotion written especially for young people and adolescents.

Querido Jesus (Dear Jesus)
By Sarah Young
In Querido Jesus, author Sarah Young begins each of the 120 devotions, highlighting her intimate struggles and longins that weigh on her heart. Readers will be drawn into the presence of God through these messages, establishing a constant and conscious attunement with Jesus.

Devocional para casais (Devotional for Couples)
By Jaime Kemp
This book brings biblical reflections specific to couples' daily lives. The subjects encourage the couple to moments of special intimacy with divine wisdom and help them cope with everyday life situations through biblical readings.

Linguagens de amor (Languages of Love)
By Gary Chapman
For Gary Chapman, loving is a daily commitment. To help couples make this commitment, he developed this devotional. The readings offered in this book are short but deep and perfect in discovering and communicating the language of your loved one. The readings are designed to help you and your partner build a frank, heartfelt, and passionate relationship.

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