777 Curiosidades Sobre A Bíblia E Seu Impacto Na Históris (777 Facts About the Bible And Its Impact On History)
By J. Stephen Lang

This is an informative book where you will discover how the Word of God has exerted influence on the language, religion, art, literature, cinema, theater, Western history, and its impact on Brazil. In this book, you will also discover how the Bible came to us, even knowing the major sites, events, ideas, and characters in the Bible.

Alicerces Firmes: Da Criacao até Cristo (Firm Foundations: Creation To Christ)
By Trevor McIlwain

The Portuguese version of Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ unfolds the story of God. Moving through key Bible passages, these lessons progressively reveal truth about God and man, and the gospel and grace that bridge the gap of sin. This curriculum has proven invaluable in teaching settings. This version of Firm Foundations is best used for the following: age 12 and above; ideal for the novice or experienced teacher; ready-to-use, well laid out lesson plans. It includes one volume teacher's guide, maps and timeline chart, and chronological Bible story pictures.

Apaixonados por Deus (Passionate About God)
By Kenneth Ulmer

With sublime inspiration, Kenneth Ulmer lead us to contemplate the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hand and heart of God. Reading each page of this book will allow you to find out how God works in us and through us.

Berean Call, The
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Brados da Cruz, Os (The Cries of the Cross)
By Erwin W. Lutzer

Erwin Lutzer takes readers inside the heart of Jesus. This journey goes through seven special moments in the life of Christ: His last words on the cross. Each cry was not given in vain. Full of meaning for all generations, they still retain the same force when they were said at calvary. These are cries expressing forgiveness, compassion, patience, and victory. More importantly, they reveal the full humanity of Christ and His example of life to fulfill the will of the Father until the last moment of life.

Building On Firm Foundations
The Firm Foundations Bible Study Series is translated into different languages and is now available in Portuguese. These Bible study materials centers on following God's progressive pattern of revealing His character and plan of redemption within the context of history. The materials can be purchased at NTMbooks.com.

Caminhada com propositos para mulheres (Walk With Purpose For Women)
By Katie Brazelton

This book will help you to discover the wonderful purpose of God for your life. It is rich with stories of women who have had their lives transformed by God. Caminhada com propositos para mulheres will lead you to an exciting journey to become the woman God desires.

Cruz de Hitler (Cross of Hitler)
By Erwin Lutzer

In the Cross of Hitler, the theologian Erwin Lutzer examines the lessons that can be drawn from the holocaust. He examines the following: the dangers of confusing church and state; the church's lost focus; the role of God in human tragedy; the parameters of the autonomy of Satan; the truth behind the hatred of Hitler to the Jews; God's faithfulness to His people; comparisons between the rise of Hitler and the coming kingdom of the antichrist. This book is the story of a nation whose church forgot its primary call and discovered its failure too late.

Devocional Pao Diario Vol. 20 Letra Gigante (Daily Bread Devotional)
The Daily Bread Devotional Vol. 20 is now printed with big letters so the elderly can read it better. You can buy this devotional at Livrarias Familia Crista's website.

Deus fala a Familia (God Speaks to the Family)
By Bible Society of Brazil

Divided into 8 chapters, this book is a practical guide for the reading of the Word of God passages that provide family moments of meditation and reflection.

Dicionario Ilustrado da Biblia (Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible)
By Ronald F. Youngblood, Ph.D.

This book has hundreds of colorful photos that illustrate and clarify important themes in the Bible. It has complete system of cross-references that point to other entries, opening the range of information available to the reader. It include sketches of all books of the Bible. These sketches are helpful in the study and teaching of the Bible. Several colored maps are also included to help you understand the key periods of biblical history. It also contains special topics such as interpretation of the Bible and the different versions and translations of the sacred text.

Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform
By Darrow L. Miller

In Discipling Nations, Darrow Miller builds a powerful and convincing thesis that God's truth not only breaks the spiritual bonds of sin and death but can free whole societies from deception and poverty. This book will challenge, reenergize, and reequip Christians everywhere who labor to see "His kingdom come, His will be done." This book is available in Portuguese.

Fraude do codigo Da Vinci, A (Fraud DaVinci Code)
By Erwin W. Lutzer

Erwin W. Lutzer examines the claims of Dan Brown and presents clear and substantive responses to clarify the confusion around the life of Jesus and the Christian faith. Meticulous and insightful, Lutzer debunks the myths behind these and reveals the true story that is surreptitiously in this novel. A Fraude do codigo Da Vinci is a clear and forceful defense of the historicity of Christianity and the person of Jesus. It is also a warning to always learn to separate truth from falsehood, and fantasy from reality.

Gospel Goods Brazil
Gospel Goods is an online bookstore that sells Bibles, New Testaments, books, movies, DVDs, tracts, Cds, and more in Portuguese.

Livres em Cristo (Free In Christ)
By Rev. Augustus Nicodemus

This commentary on the Letter to the Galatians is the result of biblical expositions aimed at the contemporary Brazilian public, which, in many ways, closely resembles the recipients of Paul's letter. The message of Galatians for today's church is useful to Brazilian believers who want to stand firm in the grace of God and in the full and sufficient work of Jesus Christ for our salvation.

Harmonia dos Evangelhos (Harmony of the Gospels)
By Robert I. Thomas

This book provides an overview of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. More than an advanced academic study of the historical foundations of the existence and activitiy of Jesus Christ, the great merit of this work is to bring the reader more of the Savior, leading him to greater admiration of the person of Jesus. Knowing Jesus drives us to glorify and serve him more faithfully.

International Adventures Series: Cell 58 (Imprisoned in Iran)
By Dan Bauman

This book chronicles Dan Bauman's experience in Iran in 1997, when he was wrongfully accused of espionage and thrown into the most infamous high-security prison in Iran. Imprisonment in Iran, the threat of execution, and God's hand moving in the lives of the guards make this a thrilling addition to the International Adventures series.

Life Publishers International
Life Publishers International produces 30-40 Christian books yearly in a wide variety of languages (including Portuguese) for various ministries around the world.

No Frontiers

O Chamado Para Seguir A Cristo (The Call to Follow Christ)
By Claude King

O Chamado Para Seguir A Cristo is a foundational discipleship resource that will guide new and growing believers to understand and begin implementing 6 disciplines into their daily lives. The 6 disciplines are the following: Abide in Christ, Live in the Word, Pray in Faith, Fellowship with Believers, Witness to the World, and Minister to Others.

Perguntas Cruciais (Ultimate Questions)
By John Blanchard

Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard is an excellent booklet for sharing the gospel with family and friends. It answers 12 key questions about God, man, sin, heaven, hell, and salvation. This book is available in Portuguese language.

Pobreza das nações, A (Poverty of Nations)
By Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus

We can win the battle against global poverty. We just need to find a better way to fight it. Economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem worked together to chart a clear path to national prosperity and economic stability, linking free market principles with biblical values, thus devising a sustainable solution to the poverty of nations. The clarity of reasoning and the originality of the arguments will make this book a references for future generations.

Prega a palavra (Preach the Word)
By Karl Lachler

This book highlights the importance of expository preaching. Author Karl Lachler highlights several advantages of this method of preaching. It is a very useful work for seminarians, for those who are beginning in the ministry and for experienced preachers who wish to review all the matter studied. It is also a fundamental importance to those preachers who have not had the opportunity to study the original languages of the Bible but who want to communicate the Word of God with excellence.

Repintando a Igreja: Uma visão contemporânea (Repainting the Church)
By Rob Bell

In this book, Rob Bell expressed the need for Christians to "continue painting, continue reforming" the history of the church and Christianity. He encourages Christians to reaffirm beliefs about God, Jesus, the Bible, salvation, and future instead of producing plastic and superficial changes such as better lighting and music.

Testemunhe de Cristo Sem Medo (Share Jesus Without Fear)
By William Fay and Ralph Hodge

The Portuguese language edition of Share Jesus Without Fear will equip leaders to train persons to share their faith in Jesus with confidence and without fear. This easy-to-use, relational approach to witnessing teaches people that they cannot fail in sharing their faith if they depend on the power of God for the results . Participants discover ways to guide a witnessing conversion without fear of failure or rejection.

The Most Important Story Evangelistic Book
The Most Important Story is an evangelistic book. It clearly explains God's plan of salvation. Comprised of over 50% actual scripture, this book presents the Gospel, starting from the fall, all the way to Jesus' death and resurrection, and ends with an invitation to pray the prayer of salvation. This book is available in Portuguese.

Simplesmente Crente: Por Uma Vida Crista Comum (Simply Believer)
By Michael Horton

In this book, Michael Horton demonstrates that the attempt to seek the next great thing in the spiritual life has left many Christian disappointed. He invites Christians to regain a sense of contentment in those simple and ordinary things of the Christian life which were given by God for the nourishment and growth of his people. The author still offers a safe guide to a fulfilled Christian life in the empty long run. These are not quick fixes and empty promises, but a call to experience the joy of ordinary Christian living.

Uma Experiencia com Deus (Experiencing God - Member Book)
By Henry Blackaby

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God (Workbook) in Portuguese language edition is a unique, in-depth and powerful discipleship study that helps believers develop an intimate relationship with God. Through personal and group study, individuals learn to recognize when God is speaking to them, and that obedience to God results in a fresh and exciting spiritual walk.

Quando homen fiéis são tentados (When Faithful Men Are Tempted)
By Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins presents three principles for sexual integrity particularly for men. These will help believing men and Christians to think and live according to their true identitiy and to resist sin. This book was made for Christian men to know how to fight the battle against sexual purity on all levels and media.


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